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Thermometer - Compact Series

Thermometer - Compact Series
Thermometer - Compact Series
Thermometer - Compact Series
Thermometer - Compact Series
Thermometer - Compact Series
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The miniaturized sensing heads are especially developed for the use in small and cramped surroundings and are perfect for applications with limited space, such as midgest instruments and engine constructions. The very advantageous cost-performance-ratio supports the integration within OEM solutions and simultaneous use of the measurement devices at multiple infrared measuring facilities. The compact series devices offer inimitable advantages for the installation in applications with high ambient temperatures, such as within the plastic or paper industry. The robust and ambitious design allows the sensing heads to be used for temperatures up to 250°C without additionally cooling. This advantage help to reduce the costs for mechanical installations.

The first design of the compact series is the single-piece sensing head. The lens and electronic are build into a compact housing.

Secondly, the two-wire devices with the electronic integrated within the cable. The robustness of the sensing heads can therefore be increased. The heat development of the two-wire electronic does not influences the thermal stability of the sensing head.

The third alternative is a twopiece device with a sensing head and a separate electronic box. The box offers the possibility to choose between different interfaces (see page 26f), additionally to the simple device configuration and a temperature display.


Depending on the wavelength and the type of device, different temperature ranges can be used. The following areas between -50°C and 2200°C are covered by the compact series.

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