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Handheld Sensor
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charaterized by combining a modern industrial design with outstanding technical parameters. The high-class precision lenses assure the precise measurement of objects in short or long distances. The portable thermometer SKLS LT consists of an one of a kind, switchable lens. This means that smallest objects can be measured in a close-up range as well as in mean distances.

The portable thermometers of the SKMS series consist of a single point laser to mark the middle of the measuring field.

All additional devices to this series feature an innovative laser sighting concept. This means that the laser are following the infrared optical path to mark the accurate size and spot of the measuring field at every distance.

All portable thermometers come with a LCD color alarm. This alarm offers to visualize an under-run or over-run of a defined temperatrue barrier with varying colors of the display background. The display of the SKLS LT can also flip according to the beholders position (integrated absolute position transducer).

The complete portable thermometer series consists of an USB interface. Temperature gradiation can be

displayed and recorded at a PC in connection with the Connect software.

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