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LS-1 - Raman Spectroscopy - Single-Source Modules

LS-1 - Raman Spectroscopy - Single-Source Modules

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LS-1 modules - Custom wavelengths available

SK-Advanced offers a single-source benchtop module, specifically for Raman testing. This module is simply integrated with existing lab technology, and thus benefits an extremely constant laser source, compact rugged design, in addition to a user-centric front section dashboard combined with monitor. Make sure you notify us if you are interested in a stock or perhaps custom wavelength, and we will get back to you with our best offer.
The product contains a unique high-power fiber-optic switch with internal beam dump, which permits rapid on-and-off switching of the laser source, while ensuring that no laser emission emerges from the output port in between the measurements.
The source features compact, rugged construction, a user-centric design, and ease of integration with existing laboratory equipment. It is easy to operate either from the front panel or remotely via the USB interface. External modulation, shutter control and analog power control are available.


  • High power lasers, up to 1 watt
  • Narrow line width, < 0.1 nm
  • Excellent wavelength stability, +/- 0.005 nm
  • Excellent power stability, +/- 0.5 %
  • Easy laser modulation
  • built-in optical switch and shutter
  • Front panel display


  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Bioinstrumentation
  • Cytometry
  • Other uses where high power, narrow bandwidth, and stable power output are required
  • Fully programmable through USB interface


Optical Characteristics   Comments
Standard Wavelengths (nm) 647 785 830 1064 Multimode laser
Center λ tolerance [nm] +/- 0.5  
Wavelength stability [nm] +/- 0.005 Over 8 hours
Line width [nm] Typ. 0.08; max. 0.10  
Line width [cm-1] Typ. 1.3; max. 2.4  
ASE suppression [dB] >40  

Power Characteristics         Comments
Output from fiber [mw] >500 >600 >600 >800 Multimode lasers
Adjustability % full power   10 - 100    
ACC Adjustment
APC Adjustment
Output power stability %   +/- 0.5   Over 8 hours
Noise RMS %   < 0.25    
Noise P – P %   < 1    
Digital modulation   10 kHz* (1)    
Analog modulation   10 Hz* (2)    
Power consumption [W]   30    
Warm up time [min]   1    

(1)         *1. Modulation is only available in ACC mode
(2)         *2. 10Hz in ACC mode only, APC mode is 0.5Hz