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Prism Table -model 13PRT-2

Prism Table -model 13PRT-2
Prism Table -model 13PRT-2
Prism Table -model 13PRT-2
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This model of prism table is based on two square plates and 2 axial tilts are introduced via two M6 x 0.25mm thumbscrews for high precise adjustment. Three square graduations, 12.7mm, 20mm and 25.4mm, are printed (carved) allow easy and quick mounting for prisms, cubes, beamsplitters and other cube-like components.

 3 different size of square graduations, 12.7mm, 20mmand 25.4mm,
     are printed (carved) one the loading plate for quick mounting
 Spring clamp holds optics firmly in place
 Two axis of tilt M6 x 0.25mm thread thumbscrews allow high precise

  Model A B C D W(kgs)
English 13PRT-2 1/4-20 0.5 0.79 1 0.143
Metric 13PRT-2M M6 12.7 20 25 0.143