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Piezo Rotation Stage SPR-32

Piezo Rotation Stage SPR-32
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The SPRK-32 is a small dimension, rotation stage, with unlimited travelling option. Due to two pre-loaded steel ball bearings the piezo stage is able to move in smooth motion as well as high stability. The piezo uses a patent-pending multi-phase piezo motor leading to high speed (> 6°/s) and also high blocking force. The SPRK-32 can be used in combination with the linear SPPXK-32 or with the SPPSK-series stages. The models are able to function in vacuum (10-9 mbar). The SPRK-32 is suitable to work with the MMC-100 and MMC-110 controllers.

  • Travel: 360°, Continuous
  • Load, max: 1 kg
  • Speed, max: 30°/s
  • Resolution, max: 3.6 μ°
  • Repeatability, bi-directional: ± 220 μ°
  • Repeatability, un-directional: 220 μ°
  • Encoder Options: Analog
Travel Dependent Specifications:
Travel range [degrees] 360, Continuous
Flatness (bearings) [µm] ± 5
Eccentricity (bearings) [µm] ± 5
Wobble [µrad] ± 100
Weight [g] 50
Motor Compatibility:
Motor option Piezo Motor, PM-002R
Speed, max [mm/s] 6 (MMC-100), 30 (MMC-110)
Motor/Feedback Dependent Specifications:
Encoder option None (open loop) Analog (1 Vpp)
Resolution, typical [µ°] 3.6 22
Repeatability, bi-directional [µ°] n/a ± 220
Repeatability, un-directional [µ°] n/a 220
Accuracy [µ°] - -
Load Characteristics:
Orientation Fr [N] Fz [N] Mr [N·m] Mz [N·m]
Load, max 10 10 0.5 0.06

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The SPPK-20 Piezo works with the  SMMCK-100 Piezo Controller    as well as the SMMCK-110