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Motorized Shutter


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* Used in video imaging and microscopy 
* Microprocessor - controlled motion profile
* USB, RS-232, TTL or manual control
* 25 or 35mm aperture shutters available

Our stepper-motor driven shutters provide fast and accurate exposures and are ideal for microscopy and machine vision applications. The controller allows programmable control over the exposure time and the delay between trigger and shutter opening. The controller contains a three-position switch, which allows the shutter to manually open and close or be remotely controlled. RS-232, USB and TTL inputs can be used for remotely controlling
the shutter. A TTL output line located in the rear panel of the controller allows for cascading the trigger input signal to another device. The interface software allows selection among three modes of operation: Fast, Soft and Variable Aperture (Neutral Density) Mode. The shutter can be configured to close and reopen repeatedly or loop for a specific number of cycles. The shutter consists of a single blade made of bare aluminum. The 25mm shutter can be mounted either through its C-Mount threads or via its 8-32 tapped hole at the base. The 35mm shutter uses T-Mount threads for mounting.

Modes of Operation

Fast Mode - Shutter motion is optimized for fastest open/close times (8msec from the
receipt of command, 3msec from the start of motion)
Soft Mode - Minimizes vibration. 60msec open/close times
Soft Mode - The shutter can be commanded to open to any specified position
Exposure Time - User selectable from 0 to 5 hours in 0.10 millisecond increments
Delay Time - User selectable from 0 to 5 hours in 0.10 millisecond increments
Operating Temperature  -10°C to 50°C (shutter and controller)
Power Supply - Universal, 115-230V AC 50-60Hz (Included)
Cables Included - RS-232 (3ft.), USB (6ft.), shutter-to-controller interconnect cable (6ft.)
Controller Dimensions - 5.38”H x 5.86”W x 8.25”D

Description            Weight      Stock No.
Shutter Controller    2.55 lbs.   UNI59252
25mm Shutter          0.6 lbs.   UNI59253
35mm Shutter        0.75 lbs.   UNI59254