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SKM - Linear actuator (DC)

SKM - Linear actuator (DC)
SKM - Linear actuator (DC)
SKM - Linear actuator (DC)
SKM - Linear actuator (DC)
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Linear actuator: DC Servo motor micrometer

Expansion range: Up to 15, 20, 30 or 50mm

Gearheads available: 34.165:1, 63.75:1, 137.5:1, 240:1

Maximum motor voltages: 6V (direct power from USB) or 12V

Rotary encoder: 10bit (1024 counts per motor revolution)

Micrometer screw pitch: 0.5mm / turn

Design/measured resolution: 0.007μm / 0.05μm

Bi-directional repeatability: 1μm

Maximum speed: 150,000 c.p.s. or 2.5mm/s (with 34.3:1 gearhead motor)

Maximum load: 20N

Available options: Position feedback, limit switches, nonrotating tip.

Recommended controller: DSP-21

Dimensions: 5 x 0.75”

The actuator is delivered with a 25cm long ribbon cable equipped with an IDC 10pin connector.

The pin-out is listed below:

Pin 1 Motor +

Pin 2 +5V to encoder

Pin 3 Encoder Ch. A

Pin 4 Encoder Ch. B

Pin 5 Ground.

Pin 6 Motor -

Pin 7 NC (optionally Index or Absolute)

Pin 8 Positive limit switch (optional)

Pin 9 Negative limit switch (optional)

Pin 10 Ground.