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Light Shaping Diffusers

Light Shaping Diffusers
Light Shaping Diffusers

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Providing innovative light management solutions for the lighting, display, biomedical, and machine vision industries.
LSD products are the result of years of research and development by our scientific and engineering teams in holography, web mastering and replication. They offer high efficiency (85-92% transmission) across a wide wavelength range (400-1600 nm). Our technology is based on a semi-randomized (non-periodic) micro-structure that work wells with collimated and divergent sources, coherent and incoherent light, white or single-wavelength sources, LEDs or a laser diodes, or halogen/filament lamps.  Our products enable our customers to provide well homogenized and controlled illumination systems.  Our holographic diffusers come in variety of shapes, sizes, angles, thicknesses, materials and forms.
Many standard FWHM angles
Circular and elliptical configurations, variable sizes and different substrate materials, rolls, sheets, laminated glass, kits, etc.
 Diffuser and Light Management Films
Applications: LED Lighting, LCD displays, projection systems, computer monitors, mobile displays, barcode scanning, flashlight, lamp, microscope illumination, fiber-optics, and LED illumination, laser, LD and CCFL homogeneity and beam shapers, optical sensing, bio-medical instrumentation, architectural, office and in-house lighting, automotive lighting, signs, posters, wall washers, PAR lamps, recessed down lights, MR lamps, Machine Vision Illuminators.
Benefits: Homogenization, removing striations, reducing hot spots, reducing multiple shadows, controlling beam angle, RGB LED color mixing, controlling glare, laser eye safety, LED hiding power
Electronically Variable Diffusers
New variable diffuser optical instruments for bench top use are now available. 
Hiding LED Hotspots
Our Diffusers can solve LED hotspot problems without losing any significant amount of light. 

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