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UTSR - Rigid Laboratory Optical Table System

UTSR -  Rigid Laboratory Optical Table System



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Optical Breadboard Feature:
  • Aluminum alloy precision formed honeycomb core.
  • Fast installation.
  • Machined Mat Finish on top surface.
  • All stainless steel side panels.
  • Steel-to-steel bonding throughout increase thermal stability.
  • Low values of natural frequency (horizontal and vertical).
  • 10,000 class cleanroom compatible.
  • One year warranty.
  • Different dimension and thickness combination are selectable.
  • Ferromagnetic stainless steel top skin 3 ~ 5 mm thick.
  • Ferromagnetic stainless steel bottom skin 3 ~ 4 mm thick.
  • Flatness: ± 0.1mm per 600mm square.
  • The table top surface has M6 (1/4-20) mounting holes on 25mm (1") center.
  • Customized optical tables available up to Max. 1200mm x 3000mm (WxL).

Rigid Frame Supports:
  • Supports pad max. load capacity a : 1000Kgs per 4 isolators (depending on optical table dimension).
  • Regular Frame Height: 800mm (Other height is upon request).
  • Support Feet Pad height adjustment range: 50mm.
  • Rigid optical table frame's rubber support pads allows the optical table to be leveled after assembly.
  • Rigid support rubber pad height adjustment range: 50mm.
  • Tie-Bar and Casters are integrated for easy movement.
  • Frame Weight (Set): 80Kgs ~ 100Kgs per 4 supports (depending on optical table dimension).
a : The max. load of the isolators, including the optical table and any equipments,
components on the table top.