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  • Rugged Portable PC


    Rugged Portable PC

    The beltronic embedded Portable PC is built to be used in Military and industrial areas which call for this kind of robust and reliable system. The compact and very solid aluminum housing meets industrial and MIL-810 environmental requirements. The system complies to high EMC/EMI standards like MIL-461/704/1275. It operates on 12V DC to 32V DC or 110 to 230V AC.  The integrated UPS function with a internal battery pack protects the system, if the AC or DC power input fails, for up to 20 minutes.

    The modular design concept of the beltronic embedded Portable PC allows it to build large varieties of customized versions. Changes in the mechanical structure and various hardware options are available even on small quantities to meet the customer applications. For more then 15 years, the beltronic embedded Portable PC have been successfully implemented in a wide variety of industrial and military projects.