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SK will be responsible for providing the service and the option to purchase the products displayed subject to the prices indicated through the website itself when purchasing online (with an option to purchase by phone).
SK will be responsible for delivering the products to the site’s customers in a proper and efficient manner.
In any problem in the purchase process, in the process of receiving the product and any other disruption that occurs, the customer will contact SK customer service and through the service the customer will receive treatment and response to any problem until the purchase process is completed, including receipt of the products.
  1. The prices on the website do not include VAT.
  2. The purchase does not include delivery. Delivery and collection of goods at the customer’s responsibility.
  3. The order will be collected by prior arrangement from the address: 1 Hazerem St. Kadima Industrial Zone.
  4. The product images on the site were carefully taken and edited in order to present the products in a way that most closely resembles the real product.
  5. Delivery time will be updated upon order confirmation.
  6. SK will make every effort to deliver the order on time except in situations that are not dependent on the company and are not under its control (such as: war, force majeure, emergencies, etc.).
  7. Despite the strictness, in exceptional situations where it is not possible to deliver the purchased product, even though the purchase has been approved, the customer will be updated as soon as possible. In this situation, the customer will be offered alternative options, such as: cancellation of a transaction, replacement of a product or waiting to arrive in stock, etc.
  8. Customer privacy: SK’s website undertakes to maintain the privacy of its customers and external use of the customer’s information.
  9. Product return and is subject to SK policy.
The SK website meets the security standard TLS 1.2 256bit in order to ensure proper, protected and safe purchase process, which requires being on a sales site that includes credit card clearing.