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Spectrometer - Spectrum Analyzer

Our Spectrum Analyzer products Provide solutions in the laser characterization areas such as:
• Laser analysis & control
• Basic Research and scientific research
• OEM integration as well as embedded applications
These products can function as:
• A Laser/Optical spectrum analyzer, for it measures the spectrum of a laser light and includes all modes
• A Wavelength Meter, as it delivers the wavelength of all the laser modes with high accuracy
• A Spectrometer, since it captures the spectrum in one-shot without temporal artifact at high-rate
Especially ideal for these applications:
• Tunable laser like - DFB, ECL (ECDL), OPO together with Tunable laser monitoring
• Laser diode – analysis
• VeCSEL – characterization
• Bragg Sensor Apps
All High-resolution Spectrometers Interface with Spectra Resolver Software and VIs LabVIEW application.