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SK-advanced, team of experts reviewed the world's leading manufacturing companies to bring you the most advanced solutions for optomechanics. Every year our team of experts visits the world's largest optomechanic exhibitions and shows and on a daily basis update and read research, developments and trends in the optic field. All this, to bring you the up to-day world high performance optomechanic products and the most advanced developments.

We know that as a leading researcher in the optical field, you need solutions that are precision, reliable and optimized for the optical domain. The optomechanic equipment that we offer in our catalogue is the most versatile, professional and comprehensive line of precision and customized products for the optomechanic field. University research departments throughout the world use the advanced products that we offer in our optomechanic catalog. We are confident that if you need a optomechanic solution for conducting a research you will find it in sk-advanced optomechanic catalog
We will always be happy to hear what your optomechanic needs are and we will be happy to assist in adapting the most appropriate optomechanic product for you.
The optomechanical parts and devices in our outstanding selection of optomechanic products includes: 

Optomechanics – have your own design.

In some cases your system or machine would require a different kind of solution for your optomechanics demand. It may be of the optomechanics foot print, different motion solution or for any other reason. In this case we may offer you a special compact and rugged design or packaging. You can send us your blue prints of even a sketch, it will be reviewed and, if possible, we will offer you a solution.