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Laser Safety Windows

SK-Advanced laser safety windows – allow observing in while blocking the laser radiation from releasing, thereby, carrying coverage with a minimum amount of inconvenience. They are excellent for the use of: enclosures, wall structures, glove display boxes as well as windows. They are designed to meet up with the most demanding laser safety regulations for: industrial, defense & military, telecoms, health care and medical, R&D along with other industrial sectors.

These viewing windows are Compatible with today's most frequent lasers including NdYag, CO2, Argon, 532 nm, d YAG and more.

Custom made layouts, filters and sizes are offered. Please contact us for more information.

Please note: Laser Safety Windows are not meant to replace laser protective eyewear (laser glasses or laser goggles) and also additional laser safety products that could be required. For additional laser safety eyewear products, see our Laser Safety Glasses and Goggles.

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Search by attributes
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