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  • How Laser light conditions influence the eye injury level:

    Pupil dimensions - the shrinking of pupil diameter limits the quantity of complete power sent to the retinal area. Pupil dimensions ranges from a two mm diameter in bright sun to an eight mm diameter in darkness (night vision).

    Degree of pigmentation - More pigment (melanin) contributes to increased heat absorption.

    Size of retinal image – The greater the size, the wider the damage due to the fact temperature equilibrium has to be accomplished to carry out damage. The level of equilibrium formation depends upon the dimensions of the image.

    Pulse period - The shorter the time (ns versus ms), the greater the opportunity for injuries.

    Pulse repetition rate - The faster the rate, the less possibility for heat dissipation as well as recovery.

    Wavelength - contributes to define the point, where the energy remains in addition to the quantity that gets throughout the ocular media.
    Eye Absorption Site vs.  laser light Wavelength
    Different wavelengths of light are absorbed in different parts of the eye. Visible light reaches the retina for image perception. Other wavelengths interact with eye tissue differently. Where the laser energy will be absorbed in the eye depends on the light’s wavelength.

    Be Wise and choose your Laser Safty Glasses!!