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    SK-Electronika LTD, part of the SK- Advanced Group, is a certified software development contractor of CVI / TestStand / LabVIEW for National Instruments Israel (NI Israel). The Company employs a group of development engineers with extensive experience.

    SK- Electronika offers freelance services for development and integration in CVI / TestStand / LabVIEW environment for control, inspection and automation systems of measuring, production and testing.
    LabVIEW software, is the heart of the programming platform of NI (National Instruments) and is ideal for control and measurement systems. The software combines all the tools that engineers and scientists need to build a variety of applications while dramatically saving programming time compared to textual programming languages . LabVIEW is a development environment for solving problems, increasing productivity, and constant innovation.

    More and more departments of research, development and control require today govern integrator programmers of LabVIEW. The software is now in common use among Electro - Optic laboratories, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. 
    Developing using LabVIEW software holds a number of advantages:
    • The ability to share additional research development teams from different professional fields for characterizing the system and finding solutions. The graphical interface allows a multi disciplinary brainstorming. 
    • Graphical interface allows quick and simple characterization.
    • Saving time dramaticly and the ability to meet tight deadlines
    • A broad support and access to information materials.
    • Interfacing with test equipment, with supporting drivers.

    SK- Electronika company offers freelance services of a LabVIEW programmer with experience in managing and developing projects in Labview, including projects in the fields of physics, electronics, optics, mechanical engineering , automation and more. Read about our LabVIEW case studies of previous projects here. The Company's engineer team has the ability to integrate comprehensive solutions for checking and test equipment. Extensive experience from many projects and support the development and integration of multiple systems, multi organized disciplinary action, test systems, diagnostics and control.

    The company offers:
    • Consultation with our freelancer expert.
    • Turn -key solutions.
    • Initial characterization solution via LabVIEW environment.
    • Hourly freelance service from LabVIEW programmer. 
    • Development Engineering
    • Mechanical design
    • Programming LabVIEW based solutions for testing (test equipment) and for test automation.

    For an initial characterization Coordination meeting without obligation (for local customers), please contact Eli Sabag at -

    Read our Hebrew LabVIEW freelance service page here LabVIEW פרילנס