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IR Spectroscopy – Instruments

IR spectroscopy (infrared spectroscopy), is a simple and proven process being used in either organic as well as inorganic chemistry, in research and industry. It can be used for quality control, dynamic measurement and monitoring applications.

IR spectroscopy measures the wavelength and intensity of the absorption of mid-infrared light by a sample which can be solid, liquid, or even gaseous. This process includes inspection of the twisting, bending, rotating and vibrational motions of atoms in a molecule.

The infrared spectrophotometer (or IR spectrometer) transmits infrared light through an organic molecule and generates a structural data of the spectrum. The data includes the amount of light transmitted on the vertical axis against the wavelength of infrared radiation on the horizontal axis.

SK-Advanced offers small dimension IR spectroscopy instruments that can be moved or even applied in field condition study and research.
In this page SK-Advanced has assembled for your convenience the most advanced instruments for IR Spectroscopy.