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Spectrometer, spectrophotometer & Spectrometer Applications

Sk-advanced offers different spectrometers to serve applications such as: Biomedical applications, solar spectrum irradiance measurement (Irradiance ), color measurement, UV/VIS absorbance measurement - Absorption spectroscopy, LED measurements, thin film measurement spectrometery, coating processes monitoring, horticulture( Plant measurement,), gemology measurements - such as diamond measurement, fluorescence measurements and many more..
The spectrometers have a modular design and can be configured for your application by knowing the wavelength range, optical resolution, sensitivity, timing and speed.

Also we offer accessories for Spectrometers: 
Sk-advanced offers a spectrometer platform that uses different electronics, optical benches and a variety of detectors that can be used for applications with deep ultra violet range to the near infra red range.

We offer all supporting accessories for spectrometry such as:
Fiber optics that supports from the deep ultra violet range to the near infra red range, different probes, collimators, cosine correctors.
Light sources as deuterium, deuterium – halogen, tungsten halogen.  
Integrating spheres with or without internal light source, large integrating spheres…and more.

Spectrometer for imaging spectrometry
SK-advanced offers spectrometer platforms for more demanding application up to 300mm optical benches to serve application as Raman spectroscopy, Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), Luminescence, X-Ray Spectroscopy and many more.
You can view our Hebrew page of spectrometer - ספקטרומטר - here. In this page you can view all our solutions for spectroscopy including spectrometer applications, Micro spectrometer, Mini spectometer and Spectrograph.

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