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    AIT's Fibre Channel Simulyzer™ products are multi-function, high performance, intelligent Fibre Channel interface and testing boards. The products feature both data generation/simulation and monitor/analyzer functions.  Applications include a simple End-System to demanding testing and verification of End Systems and/or switches. Fibre Channel is deployed on a growing number of avionics and military platforms. Our products may be used with the most popular avionics Upper Layer protocols including FC-AE-ASM, FC-AE-1553, FC-AE-RDMA and FC-AE-AV.  All AIT Fibre Channel modules utilize multiple processors with large onboard RAM. An onboard processor runs the driver software, minimizing host CPU interaction, enabling autonomous operation with minimal interaction during time-critical applications.

    AIT’s Fibre Channel products use our Simulyzer™ technology that enables the hardware to simultaneously perform Fibre Channel data generation and Fibre Channel monitoring on the same physical board. 

    TI_Tabs_Icon.pngAIT's Fibre Channel test products include full-function device driver software for the most popular operating systems, an application interface supporting development environments, as well as a comprehensive set of source code examples.


    • Dual Port Data Generator operating at full line rates
    • Dual Port Analyzer with nanosecond resolution
    • IRIG-B Time Code Encoder/Decoder for syncronization
    • Physical Bus Replay to reconstruct previously recorded data
    • Live Data Capture to display FC data in real-time
    • fcXplorer Test, Analysis, and Visualization Tool
    • Data Corruptor™ for dynamically changing FC data on a link


    XMC-FC4 XMC Dual-Port Simulator/Analyzer Interface Module, designed for extended temperature operation XMC-FC2
    PXIe-FC4 PXI Express Dual-Port Simulator/Analyzer Test Module PXIe-CFC
    PCI-FC4 PCI Dual-Port Simulator/Analyzer Test Module PCI-CFC4
    PCI-X-FC4 PCI-X Dual-Port Simulator/Analyzer Test Module PCI-X-CFC4
    PCIe-FC4 PCI Express Dual-Port Simulator/Analyzer Test Module PCIe-FC4



    >> Click here to download AIT's Fibre Channel Product Guide