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Electronic Solutions


SK-Electronika offers a complex of technology platforms, capabilities and turn-key solutions for various industry needs. SK-Electronika provides solutions for a wide range of clients from diverse disciplines such as: medical, telecom, printing, automation, aerospace, military & defense, semi conductor, electronics and machine vision. For each classification, the company offers professional solutions that combine technological knowledge, with a deep understanding of the professional field along with advanced equipment, applications and software that meets customer demands.

SK-Electronika is a system integrator with extensive hardware/software development expertise leveraging the latest in advanced technologies. Their cost-effective, high quality systems are a direct result of engineering and manufacturing excellence.
The scope of SK-Electronika’s work spans consultation to complete turn-key systems via PXI, mixed instrument-PXI, Compact DAQ, Compact RIO systems running on LabVIEW, LabWin/CVI and more…

Production in India

SK-Electronika distributes a sub-contractor in India for production. Following the production of STD-610/620
SK-Electronika takes full responsibility for the off-set (Israel/India) process to assure best quality and fast production.

  • Automation – SK-Electronika delivers a platform for control, design, and test for Harsh environment of cables and connectors.
    • Build compact, rugged systems for in-vehicle measurements
    • Measure signals from thermocouples to accelerometers
    • Integrate with automotive communication standards (CAN)
    • Supplies hardware value, variety, and availability


  •  Military & Defense: SK-Electronika delivers test, measurement, and control systems for aerospace, defense, and government Institutions.In addition SK- Electronika supplies MS connectors, D38999 Connectors, Mil STD cables, rugged screens, rugged computers, turn-key projects and more.
  • Semi Conductor: SK-Electronika delivers lower overall cost of chip test by adopting flexible hardware platforms, such as PXI, NI LabVIEW and NI TestStand.
  • Electronics: SK-Electronika offer high-performance test systems, better quality, with more flexibility.
    • Audio Test
    • Wireless Test
    • Video Test
    • And more ………….
  • Medical Industries: SK-Electronika offers safe, high-quality devices by tightly integrating hardware, software, validation, and reporting tools for patients and care takers.
  • GUI applications.
  • Application software packages.
  • Automated Test Equipment (ATEs).
  • Turn-key projects - End to End solutions.
  • Embedded systems & applications.
  • Interface designs.
  • Development of customized test sets and control stations.
  • High speed digital & mixed signal design processing solutions.
  • Electronic Assembly in INDIA.
  • Production in India.

HW Capabilities:
Our Capabilities provide custom electronics that fulfill special requirements. Engineering, manufacturing, and hands-on training are performed at our facilities. SK-Electronika combines our engineering expertise with technological platforms to deliver custom solutions.
Our team extends services such as delivery, installation, training while maintaining continual support through all phases of process.
Our hardware capabilities include electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, circuit board design, microcontrollers and FPGA design. SK-Electronika is a single source for integration of both custom LabVIEW and hardware needs.
SK-Electronika is fully associated with joint ventures in INDIA/USA for production of: boards design, cable assembly and more ….
This gives our customers an all-in-one solution for Off-Set/ FMF process.

(SW) LabVIEW from NI Capabilities and Services
As a National Instruments (NI) expert, SK-Electronika Engineering brings together the synergy of professional LabVIEW development with experienced hardware design team.
SK-Electronika LabVIEW programming engineers have the experience in application types (test, automation, control, HIL). Their specialties of development efficient and code well written deliver to client’s specific needs.

Technology Platforms: