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About Us
    SK-Advanced group, established in 2003, is a leading group of companies supplying worldwide the best global components & solutions for the Optical, Electro Optical, Optomechanical, laser and light source fields.

    With a highly professional engineering team, SK-Advanced Group has the ability to provide customers with the exact solutions for their applications.
    SK-Advanced Group customers come from a broad range of  worldwide industries including University research, Bio-Technology companies including Medical Industries and R&D departments, as well as Military and Defense industries.

    To keep at the Peak of information, SK-Advanced Engineer experts, are updated on a daily basis through research, developments and trends in the optic field and research. 
    The company is committed to excellence in customer service and high quality products. Striving to deliver their customers with excellent products for a reasonable price, SK-Advanced renews its solutions tirelessly.  

    Registered IMOD Supplier number 0011009744

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    Please feel free to contact us for any question or concern and we will be happy to assist you.

  • SK-Advanced Ltd Product line contain: Optomechanics: Optical Tables, Mechanical Mounts, High quality Stages, Light Source & Lasers including: Lasers, Laser Diodes. Electro-optics: Laser Diode Drivers, Cameras & Detectors: Detectors,  High Resolution Cameras (CCD, ICCD, EMCCD),  Flashlamps, LED and Lamp based Light Sources, Fiber Optics, Motion Components , Electronics components ,Spectroscopy and Microscopy systems, Ruggedized displays and computers and more.


  • Specialize's in Optical Components for the UV to far IR range, Optical materials, Crystals, Raw Materials, Special Coatings and more...


  • SK-Electronika offers a complex of technology platforms, capabilities and turn-key solutions for various industry needs. SK-Electronika provides solutions for a wide range of clients from diverse disciplines such as: Automotive, Military, Defense, Electronics, Telecom, and Medical Industries. For each classification, the company offers professional solutions that combine technological knowledge, with a deep understanding of the professional field along with advanced equipment, applications and software that meets customer demands.

    SK-Electronika Technology Platforms:
    DC Converters, Range Connectors,  Electronics components, Ruggedized displays and computers, Military LCDs, Motors, Temp. Sensors, Custom Cable assembly and more...

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