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6TL Engineering - The source for electronics test systems

6TL Engineering Uses a Modular Architecture to Create Test Systems. 6TL Provides standard test system modules that quickly build, flexiable, re-usable, configurable and reliable test systems.

6TL Technology, a part of the Spanish Sistel Group, is an NI Silver Alliance Partner with over twenty five years of practical experience in developing hardware components which can be used to build modular base test platforms.

SK-Electronika is the exclusively Israeli distributor of 6TL Engineering, offering its complex of knowledge, experience and technologies for the best of our clients.

6TL provides the ideal base for each text inviroment. Their products are complementary with VPC's - mass interconnect solutions and Products, National Instruments products and all together they create a powerfull parntnership.

According to this wide working experience , the company has manufactured an incredibly cost-efficient as well as modular approach to build up base test platforms . 6TL Technology makes use of only top quality materials and also software devices to provide the best price-performance ratio for their users . Within this modularity principle as a base , it is possible to produce a test platform that immediately provides :
  • A flexible as well as standard system prepared for expansion together with upcoming features
  • A cost-efficient system which is convenient to manage and also built using “green engineering”
  • A reliable platform making use of purely the best quality components , which provides high up-times